Monday, April 7, 2014

Passion Driven Classrooms

This week we are focusing on passion-driven classrooms and instruction.  Watch the video below as CISD's own Kayla Brown shares her thoughts on passion-based instruction.

Kayla Brown - Associate Principal @ CHS
Angela Maiers is also a vocal advocate for this individualized approach to designing learning experiences.  Maiers often talks about "Genius Hour."  Several CISD campuses have implemented Genius Hour.  CHS STEM Academy educator, Travis Washmon, has celebrated Genius Hour this year in his classroom:
"Annie R., Amela P., Anna K., and Erin D. started a business that makes cell phone cases.  However, after deliberation and discussion, the group decided that they would rather start a Non-Profit Organization that fights cancer.  Their organization is called “Cases for Cancer.”  These girls have researched, designed, marketed, and created cell phone cases for sale.  Each Fall, the girls will take orders for custom cases and design new stock cases.  In the Spring, the girls will sell the cases and collect money for the Cases for Cancer Relay for Life Team.  They will then set up a table at RFL to sell of the remaining inventory for donation.  You can also donate directly to their RFL team on their website.  Here is their website:
If you would like to place an order for a custom case or would like to buy a stock case, please email Erin ( Anna ( 

Angela Maiers Blog (3 great posts to take a look at):
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The 5 C's of Passion Driven Leadership
Download her free book: Passion Matters!

Below is a link to an interview with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, another great advocate for passion-based learning and the role of technology and instruction.
Click here to read the interview with Nussbaum-Beach.
What are the benefits of weaving learner passions into the learning experience? What role does technology play in supporting your goals for incorporating individual learner interests in the learning process?

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  1. Learner passions are the gateway to motivation! I am driven to learn about my interests. I will read anything I can get my hands on, ask any question, and do any research I need to do in order to learn about my interests. . So, I understand the power of this for our own learners. In my own learning, technology is the path/conduit for the information. It is not the destination.

    This is what guides me in my role as an educator.