Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Digital Learning Environment

The Digital Learning Environment is a topic that has been examined quite a bit in CISD over the past few years.  During the first module of the Digital Genius Challenge, it was explored in depth with great response from educators all over our district.  Responding to our learners' needs through the transformation of their learning environments has been embraced all across our district! 

Learning is so much more than what happens in between those four walls of your classroom.  We believe that learning environments should be varied and collaborative. They should allow for learner’s voice and choice. They should be global as well as local, digital as well as physical.”
Educators have the responsibility to provide a variety of spaces from which learners are able to collaborate, construct knowledge and meaning, and contribute to others. Through the design of the physical "classroom", educators either contribute to or take away from learners' abilities to reach their fullest potential.”
With instant access to so much information online, organizing your digital learning environment can be quite a challenge!  As we explore creating digital learning environments for our learners, we need to keep organization in mind as well. There are tons of online productivity tools to help keep you, your learners, and digital information organized.”

In a time where we are struggling to meet all of our learners’ needs, we need to find ways to work smarter. Teachers need to step away from thinking that they have to create or find everything for the classroom. Education is no longer a one way path; embracing education as a learner/educator model and realizing that our students are wanting ‘buy-in’ to the process and have much to bring to the table is a paradigm shift that is happening and should happen in schools.”

Given the thoughts above, what reflections on your own learning environment (digital, virtual, physical) have you had this year? What types of considerations are you planning to make next year with new learners?

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