Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Growth Mindset and Learner Motivation

 “Students may know how to study, but won’t want to if they believe their efforts are futile. If you target that belief, you can see more benefit than you have any reason to hope for.” (Dweck, 2007).

This week we will be focused on leveraging what we know about brain-based instructional strategies to respond to learners’ needs.  

Watch the video and look at the image below. Reflecting on how your own mindset, and the mindset of your learners can affect instruction in your classroom.

The video discussed very quick ways to capitalize on growth mindset when providing feedback to learners. The examples are all verbal. When providing feedback that supports growth mindset, what are your thoughts on virtual vs. face-to-face? What is an example of a question or statement you use that supports growth mindset?

The image breaks down the differences in the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. Think about your mindset when it comes to using technology in your experiences. What type of mindset do you think is needed when it comes to your technology proficiency and the proficiency of your learners? What types of risks are you willing to take in your classroom?

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