Monday, October 28, 2013

Digital Learning Environment Reflection

“Given a rich environment, learning becomes like the air. It is IN and AROUND us.”
~Sandra Dodd

Seven weeks ago, we invited you to learn in a new way with us.  Through this professional learning challenge, we have begun crafting a new digital learning environment for you.  During this first piece of our challenge, you have chosen activities, some virtual, some face to face, that we hope have helped you to expand your understanding of how to craft your own digital learning environments for your learners.

Now that you have had a chance to participate for the past few weeks in the activities that you have chosen within our DLE, take a moment to reflect.  How has your perspective changed? Are there things that you were already doing that you didn’t realize were part of a digital learning environment?  What have you been inspired to do?

In the comments section, use the sentence stem below to reflect on your understanding of digital learning environments.

  • I used to think….  now I know…

We are coming to a close in celebrating a digital learning environment, but fret not…  we will not leave you without blogposts.  Next week we will be starting a module on assessment.  Join us for our awesome and inspiring weekly blogposts.  Also gear up for another Twitter chat, webinar, and a couple more face-to-face sessions.


  1. I used to think that digital learning was just for the kids, but now I know that it works great with adults as well!

  2. I used to think the kids knew why we were using computers for activities, now I know that I need to explain each one, so they'll make an authentic connection, rather than "we use the computers because it's easier/more fun, etc.