Monday, January 13, 2014

EduSlam Coppell: Assessment Resources

Last week, the iTeam wrapped up the second module of Unlock Your Digital Genius Professional Learning Challenge with a webinar showcasing 3 different assessment resources in the form of an EduSlam., Thinglink and were the three resources highlighted in the webinar as tools for formative assessment and feedback.

We invite you to view the EduSlam Coppell video, modeled after

How do you see yourself using these resources to assess and/or gain feedback from your learners?
Have you had any experience with any of these resources?
How did the feedback change your instruction?


  1. I've used Thinglink several times over the last 3 years in History classes and love it! I've looked at Kahoot and Want to use both....Kahoot was a bit daunting in the set up of classes. They were asking for a spreadsheet of students with passwords assigned and I just haven't had time to create that. Is there an easier way to bypass that?

    1. Hi! Great news...for learners to participate in a Kahoot you have made, they do not need an account of their own which means you can bypass setting up with a spreadsheet. All they need to do to participate in a Kahoot you have created is to go to and enter the code for the Kahoot you are running. If you want to go the added step of creating learner accounts so they can create their own Kahoots, then you would need to import the spreadsheet with learner information. Hope this helps! Let us know if we can help with anything as you get started!

  2. I have used Thinglink and in class. I love Thinglink. I like to use Thinglink as a summary for student assigned readings for class. I have a guided set of questions I want the students to focus on as they read. Then they will put that information into their own words in a Thinglink. I have gotten great feedback from students in using Thinglink in class. I like the idea of using Thinglink as a summative assessment. I have used as an exit ticket and enjoy it. As I was watching the EduSlam, I thought why not incorporate as a component required in a Thinglink! APP Smash!! :) I have not used Kahoot, but thought it would be a good tool to use for a test review session the night before an exam. Thank you for the ideas!

    1. I love the things you have done with Thinglink and combining and Thinglink is such a great idea! You would love Kahoot for a test review! I was just in a class where groups of learners created 15 review questions over a certain chapter. They were running the review through Kahoot and the entire class was so engaged!

  3. I attended the session on and after it was over had these additional ideas for use:

    - When starting a new unit, learners could share their "want to knows" to drive instruction.
    - Self assessment of behavior, effort, etc.
    - Brainstorming ideas (just getting their thoughts out there) and play back to help with prewriting.
    - Fluency self assessment
    - If you have a kiddo with a question who is afraid to ask or feels dumb and won't ask it out loud. They could to the educator.
    - What about memorizing multiples and seeing how many you can record in the 30 secs? Better yet...beat the clock to self assess.
    - I was thinking about Artic lab kiddos. They could practice and listen back if they are pronouncing accurately.
    - Elementary kids always want to share about their weekend... They have up to 30 secs and you could do a weekend wrap up in less than ten minutes on a Monday morning.
    - Peer to peer feedback/critical friends.

    1. Love these ideas! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Another great opportunity with any of these "assessment" apps is leverage "expert" learners to also answer their peers I wonders or curiousities. Empower learners to be the educators.